The following notes on the stratigraphic and faunal succession in the Hamilton group of the Thedford region were made during a short visit to that locality in the summer of 1901. They are intended merely as a contribution to the geology of that well known and often visited region, which still awaits a comprehensive and detailed study. It was our good fortune while at Thedford to make the acquaintance of Messrs Aldridge, N. J. Kearney, and Charles Southworth, of Thedford, students of the local geology. They generously conducted us to the most interesting sections in the vicinity and aided us in making the collection on which our study is based.

Descriptions of the Sections

We visited in all five sections in the Thedford region. These are:

A. The cut about a quarter of a mile east of the Thedford station, on the Grand Trunk railroad.

B. An . . .

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