Ocean-plate stratigraphy (basalt, chert, clastics) of the Balcreuchan Group in the Ballantrae complex is repeated by layer-parallel thrusts to form duplex structures south of Bennane Head, ∼5 km north of Ballantrae. Five tuff beds, all in chert, have similar U-Pb zircon ages of ca. 470 ± 10 Ma. The geometrical polarity of the duplexes and the zircon ages provide new constraints on the tectonic evolution of the accretionary wedge of the Ballantrae complex. Northwestward thrusting of the duplexes suggests that subduction was from the northwest to the southeast, and this polarity at the leading edge of the main ophiolite body is consistent with the northward younging of the volcanic arc rocks of the Ballantrae complex.

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