Easter Island, SE Pacific: An end-member type of hotspot volcanism

Luigina Vezzoli and Valerio Acocella (v. 121, no. 5/6, p. 869–886, doi:10.1130/B26470.1)

Geological Society of America Bulletin would like to clarify that regarding Figures 5 and DR-1 in the above-referenced article, a recently published map by González-Ferrán et al. (2004) is an antecedent map. This record of precedence was not apparent in the article. The full reference appears below.

González-Ferrán, O., Mazzuoli, R., and Lahsen, A., 2004, Geologia del complejo volcanico Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui: Scale 1:30,000: Santiago, Chile Centro de Estudios Volcanologicos.

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