Silurian Formations


A low anticlinal fold extends from north of the Ohio river, in a direction about south 25 degrees west, through the central parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. Its crest passes about 15 miles east of Cincinnati and 40 miles east of Nashville. It is known usually as “the Cincinnati anticline,” although the name “Nashville dome” has been used at times for its southern half.

This fold was in existence in early Devonian, if not in Silurian, times. No Silurian formations occur along the crest of the fold in central and southern Kentucky, or in northern and central Tennessee. The width of the area within which Silurian strata are absent is 40 miles in central Kentucky; it is calculated to be about 55 miles in the region of the Cumberland river; and in central Tennessee, according to the observations of Professor Safford, it must be still . . .

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