This paper is the result of a series of observations taken during the summer of 1900. The descriptions cover that portion of the shore between point Detour, the northernmost point of the Wisconsin mainland, and the Montreal river, the boundary between Wisconsin and Michigan. Point Detour is at the extremity of an unnamed peninsula which juts out into the lak e ; it is here called Chippewa point. This peninsula forms the western shore of the indentation known as Chequamegon bay. Lying about the peninsula and stretching across the mouth of the bay is a cluster of islands, the Apostle group. This paper deals with the shore phenomena occurring in this bay and on the Apostle islands. It is not planned to enter into a discussion of the older shore phenomena, but simply to consider those which have arisen since the lake reached its present level.

Figure 1.—Chippewa Point . . .

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