40Ar/39Ar ages were determined on the three major ash-flow tuffs of the Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field in the region of Yellowstone National Park in order to improve the precision of previously determined ages. Total-fusion and incremental- heating ages of sanidine yielded the following mean ages: Huckleberry Ridge Tuff—2.059 ± 0.004 Ma; Mesa Falls Tuff— 1.285 ± 0.004 Ma; and Lava Creek Tuff— 0.639 ± 0.002 Ma.

The Huckleberry Ridge Tuff has a transitional magnetic direction and has previously been related to the Reunion Normal- Polarity Subchron. Dating of the Reunion event has been reviewed and its ages have been normalized to a common value for mineral standards. The age of the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff is significantly younger than lava flows of the Reunion event on Ré union Island, supporting other evidence for a normal-polarity event younger than the Reunion event.

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