Work of Previous Investigators

The zeolites of North and South Table mountains at Golden, Colorado, have already become known to mineralogists mainly through the excellent descriptions of these minerals and of their occurrence by Cross and Hillebrand in Bulletin 20 of the United States Gelogical Survey.* In this bulletin the above named authors have given a brief description of the Table mountains, with their basaltic caps and a much more detailed description of the various zeolitic minerals contained in the amygdaloidal cavities. They also discuss the results of the investigations of Professor Carl Klein on the optical anomalies of analcite and apophyllite from this locality.*

During the past two years the Colorado State School of Mines, located at Golden, has been conducting quarrying operations for the purpose of securing for its mineral cabinet specimens of these Table Mountain zeolites. A new locality opened up on the east fase of . . .

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