Camasland is the local name of a high valley in central Washington. Its peculiar features have rendered this valley well known to all the people of the region, and as a somewhat unique topographic form it deserves description.

Camasland is situated on the eastern slope of the Cascade mountains, in the northeastern part of Kittitas county, and is included within the boundaries of the Mount Stuart quadrangle, which has been surveyed both topographically and geologically by the United States Geological Survey. Professor I. C. Russell visited Camasland in the summer of 1897, in the course of a reconnaissance of the Mount Stuart area, and called the attention of the authors to this topographic feature when they entered upon the detailed survey of the quadrangle the following year.

The relief model, a photograph of which illustrates this paper, plate 20, was made by Mr Curtis, and is based on the . . .

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