Recent lithostratigraphic and structural studies made in the Western Alps along the Valais, Savoy, and Queyras "Schistes lustrés" transects indicate that there are strong similarities in the nature of the sedimentary series and in the general structural edifice between these areas. The main new conclusion is that a significant part of the "Schistes lustrés" complex is made up of syn-orogenic Upper Cretaceous deposits. A first type, present in all three transects, consists of lower Upper Cretaceous metasedimentary rocks, containing oceanic and continental detrital materials, which were deposited on the western edge of the northwest Tethyan paleomargin and in the oceanic realm undergoing tectonization. A second type is made up of Upper Cretaceous calcareous-gritty metaflysch, known only in the Savoy transect, which is interpreted as a sedimentary consequence of the complete or partial closure of the Tethyan ocean.

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