A series of magnetic polarity stratigraphy studies are presented from localities in Victoria and southwest New South Wales, Australia. These localities were examined in order to improve the age resolution of Pliocene and Pleistocene fossil vertebrate sites in south-eastern Australia. The following age constraints should now be used for these southeastern Australian local faunas: For-syth's Bank, Kalimnan Stage and >4.42 Ma; Hamilton, Gilbert Chron (4.35-4.42 Ma); Boxlea, Gilbert Chron? (>4.06 Ma); Parwan, Gilbert Chron (4.06-4.20 Ma); Coimadai, Late Gilbert Chron (3.35-3.82 Ma); Fisher-man's Cliff, Gauss Chron (2.42-2.87 Ma); Bone Gulch, Early Matuyama Chron (1.82-2.42 Ma); Dog Rocks, Early Matuyama Chron (1.82-2.42 Ma); Duck Ponds, Late Matuyama Chron (>0.71 Ma and probably <1.63 Ma); Limeburner's Point, Late Matuyama or Brunhes Chron (<0.96 Ma); Hines Quarry, Late Matuyama or Brunhes Chron (<0.96 Ma); and Nelson Bay, Late Matuyama Chron (0.71-1.63 Ma).

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