Digital outcrop models (DOMs) have revolutionized the way twenty-first century geoscientists work. DOMs are georeferenced three-dimensional (3-D) digital representations of outcrops that facilitate quantitative work on outcrops at various scales. Outcrop digitalization has been traditionally conducted using laser scanners, but in the past decade, it has seen an exponential growth because of efficient and consumer-friendly structure-from-motion (SfM) algorithms concurrent with the rapid development of cost-effective aerial drones with high-resolution onboard cameras. While DOMs are routinely used in geoscientific research, education, and industry, enhanced DOM usage is restricted because raw data (e.g., photographs) and metadata are often incomplete and/or unavailable. In this contribution, we present the Svalbox Digital Model Database (Svalbox DMDb), a database of metadata and openly available data packages for individual DOMs. The Svalbox DMDb is a regional DOM database geographically constrained to the Norwegian High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard at 74°N–81°N and 10°E–35°E. Svalbard offers exceptional-quality, vegetation-free outcrops with a wide range of lithologies and tectono-magmatic styles, including extension, compression, and magmatism. Data and metadata of the systematically digitalized outcrops across Svalbard are shared according to FAIR principles through the Svalbox DMDb. Fully open-access and downloadable DOMs include not just the DOMs themselves, but also the input data, processing reports and projects, and other data products such as footprints and orthomosaics. Rich metadata for each DOM include both the technical and geological parameters (metadata), enabling visualization and integration with regional geoscientific data available through the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Svalbox online portal. The current release of Svalbox DMDb, documented in this contribution, covers 135 DOMs cumulatively covering 114 km2 of Proterozoic to Cenozoic stratigraphy.

Gold Open Access: This paper is published under the terms of the CC-BY license.