GMDE is a program, available on the desktop for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux platforms and in a mobile version for iOS, that enables geologists to extract quantitative structural information from geologic maps and satellite images. The program facilitates the digitizing of strikes and dips or calculating them from three-point problems, calculation of strati­graphic map thickness, determination of piercing points on faults, and the construction of down-plunge projections and vertical cross sections with projected apparent dips, contacts, and cylindrical folds. The program also enables the automatic plotting of planar contacts across topography based on orientation calculated from three clicked points, which can be carried out in the field for immediate hypothesis testing. Error propagation is built into many of the calculations. Maps and satellite images require no projection or datum information, just four points with known latitude and longitude information. Alternatively, the user can enter the map or image in MBTiles format. Users can easily extract X-Y-Z data for any clicked or calculated point or polygon, enabling them to make their own calculations.

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