We present a MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI) software package for analyzing rate and state friction experiments. Called RSFit3000, the software allows users to easily determine frictional parameters by fitting velocity-step and slide-hold-slide events using the aging- and slip-law forms for state variable evolution. RSFit3000 includes features for removing strain hardening or weakening trends from the data, and provides options for using two state variables, applying a weighting function, and treating stiffness as a fitting parameter. Completed fits are conveniently saved in MATLAB structure arrays that contain fitted parameter values with their error intervals, and all information required to reproduce a given fit. The GUI makes the program simple to use, as all fitting tasks are completed via interaction with the interface. Here we describe how to use the software, and illustrate its flexibility and utility by analyzing two sets of synthetic friction data, as well as some previously published experimental data. Although descriptions of rate and state friction fitting routines have been published in the past, RSFit3000 marks the first time a software package for analyzing friction experiments has been described in the literature.

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