Geology, v. 45, p. 723–726, doi:10.1130/G38990.1

In the INTRODUCTION section, a reference was omitted. The correct sentence (and accompanying reference) should be:

Slab flattening initiates surface uplift in the forearc, inland migration of compressive stresses, and provokes a period of volcanic quiescence or inland expansion and migration of the volcanic activity (e.g., Sandeman et al., 1995; James and Sacks, 1999; Espurt et al., 2008).

Sandeman, H.A., Clark, A.H., and Farrar, E., 1995, An integrated tecto-magmatic model for the evolution of the southern Peruvian Andes (13–20°S) since 55 Ma: International Geology Review, v. 37, p. 1039–1073.