Newly compiled U-Pb detrital zircon data from eight geographic domains along the eastern Laurentian margin from Newfoundland (Canada) to Alabama (United States) show a highly consistent signature along strike, with only minor local variations. The Precambrian signature is characterized by a small ca. 2.7 Ga population and a major ca. 1.9–0.9 Ga population that peaks at ca. 1.2–1.0 Ga. Detrital zircon populations are from Laurentian Archean crust (ca. 2.7 Ga population), Paleoproterozoic orogens (ca. 1.9–1.6 Ga), the Granite-Rhyolite Province (ca. 1.5–1.4 Ga), and the Elzevir terrane and Grenville Province (ca. 1.3–0.9 Ga). The Mesoproterozoic populations vary in size depending on proximity to the ca. 1.5–1.4 Ga Granite-Rhyolite Province, the ca. 1245–1225 Ma Elzevir terrane, and the ca. 1.2–0.9 Ga Grenville Province. A middle Ordovician zircon population varies in size along strike depending on input from the Taconic orogenic belt, but it is strongest in the northern Appalachians. Because of the general along-strike consistency in detrital zircon age populations, the compilation of all 7534 concordant U-Pb detrital zircon data can be used in future U-Pb detrital zircon studies as an indicator for eastern Laurentian margin sources.

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