The stratigraphy and 14C ages obtained at three sites near Buffalo Pass, in the Park Range, and at two sites on La Poudre Pass., in the Front Range, Colorado, suggest that (1) termination of Pinedale Glaciation in most of the Park Range and Front Range occurred at least 10,000 yr ago, and possibly as early as 11,000 B.P.; (2) in the southern part of the Park Range, where the Continental Divide is relatively low and broad and glaciers descended from an ice cap rather than from cirques, Pinedale deglaciation was completed before 11,000 B.P.; (3) the deposits of the Long Draw Stade or Wisconsin IV of previous publications are at least 10,000 14C yr old; and (4) the recession of Pinedale glacier margins from the terminal moraines into the cirques appears to have occurred in less than 4,000 yr in north-central Colorado.

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