Paleozoic limestone erratics are common in tills and glaciomarine sediments along the outermost coast of eastern Baffin Island, Northwest Territories. They are rare immediately east of the Paleozoic limestone-Precambrian shield contact on western Baffin Island. Therefore, we conclude that (1) the presence of abundant limestone erratics in east coast tills suggests that limestone bed rock of Paleozoic age occurs at the mouths of and within many of the major sounds and fiords of eastern Baffin Island; thus, these large-scale topographic features are primarily tectonic in origin; and (2) the rarity of limestone erratics along probable flow lines from a hypothetical ice center over Hudson Bay refutes the concept of a single-domed Laurentide Ice Sheet; an appealing alternative is a more complex ice mass with an ice divide lying above the coast of western Baffin Island.

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