The Pliocene-Pleistocene (2.3 m.y. old) Waucobi Lake beds provide a record of the formation of Owens Valley and uplift of the White-Inyo Mountains. Following late Pliocene formation of the eastern Sierra Nevada escarpment, Waucobi Lake formed in a depression in the previously unbroen Sierra Nevada-White-Inyo block. Shifting of the depocenter of the lake, movement of shorelines, and contribution of detritus from the Sierra Nevada and the White-Inyo Mountains indicate that the lake basin shifted toward the west as the White-Inyo Mountains were uplifted and Owens Valley was depressed. Relative uplift between Owens Valley and the White-Inyo Mountains may have been as much as 2,300 m during the past 2.3 m.y.

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