Neodymium isotope geochemistry is pivotal to understanding magma genesis and crustal recycling processes at convergent plate margins. Here, we present Nd isotope compositions of rare earth element (REE)–rich minerals from blueschist- to eclogite-facies rocks that represent previously subducted continental sediments. We find Nd isotope heterogeneity in all of our samples. Apatite preserves diverse detrital isotopic compositions despite metamorphism up to at least 600 °C and 3.0 GPa, whereas lawsonite appears to be isotopically homogenous. Epidote and monazite are major REE hosts under eclogite-facies conditions; in our samples these phases also retain Nd isotope heterogeneity, even up to ultrahigh-pressure conditions of 700 °C and 4.0 GPa. These findings contest the assumption of Nd isotope equilibration during subduction-zone metamorphism, so caution is needed when using Nd isotopes to calculate subducted sediment contributions to arc magmas or for determining rates of crustal recycling through subduction zones.

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