We investigate the development of a Neoproterozoic metamorphic core complex (MCC) in the Marbat area (southern Arabian Peninsula). The MCC is a gneiss dome emplaced in a releasing bend along a dextral strike-slip fault system. Dome emplacement–related extension was at a high angle to the long axis of the dome and 65° from the strike-slip fault system. Shortening is recorded in the upper plate of the MCC in a direction normal to the extension direction. Extensional emplacement of the gneiss dome accommodated lower crust exhumation and contributed to the formation of a ductile strike-slip releasing bend from an initial fault step. The Marbat example allows defining transversal stretching–dominated strike-slip MCCs, which would represent the early development stages of longitudinal stretching–dominated strike-slip MCCs. Conversely, longitudinal stretching–dominated strike-slip MCCs produced at low finite extension would result from strike-slip–dominated transtension. This study bears important implications for lower crust exhumation under pull-apart basin systems in obliquely convergent or divergent settings.

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