E.S. Finzel, L.M. Flesch, and K.D. Ridgway

(Geology, v. 39, p. 835-838, doi:10.1130/G32271.1)

A dataset in this paper was incorrectly referenced on page 835, in the first paragraph under the heading KINEMATIC MODEL PARAMETERS. In the sentence that reads “Previous studies of Quaternary faults and ridge spreading rates provide additional strain rate and style constraints (Fig. 1B; Plafker et al., 1994; Lundgren et al., 1995; Matmon et al., 2006; Leonard et al., 2007; Wesson et al., 2007; Carver and Plafker, 2008; Kalbas et al., 2008; Fig. DR1; Table DR2)”, the reference to Leonard et al., 2007, is...

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