We present a new method for Lu-Hf geochronology using lawsonite, an index mineral of high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphism. The method uses common cation exchange chromatography to purify Lu and Hf from the sample and analysis by multicollector inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry. Lawsonite 176Lu/177Hf ratios are elevated and are similar to other minerals commonly used in Lu-Hf geochronology such as garnet or apatite. We obtain an age of 145.5 ± 2.4 Ma for lawsonite-blueschist facies metamorphism at Ring Mountain within the Franciscan Complex, California, the lawsonite type locality. The age agrees well with published geochronology and thermochronology for the Franciscan Complex. The new method provides a powerful tool to investigate processes and time scales of blueschist to eclogite facies metamorphism, crust-mantle recycling via subduction, and the geodynamics of convergent margins.

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