Previous time scales for the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary (CTB) interval containing Oceanic Anoxic Event II (OAE II) vary by a factor of three. In this paper we present a new orbital time scale for the CTB stratotype established independently of radiometric, biostratigraphic, or geochemical data sets, update revisions of CTB biostratigraphic zonation, and provide a new detailed carbon isotopic record for the CTB study interval. The orbital time scale allows an independent assessment of basal biozone ages relative to the new CTB date of 93.55 Ma (GTS04). The δ13Corg data document the abrupt onset of OAE II, significant variability in δ13Corg values, and values enriched to almost −22‰. These new data underscore the difficulty in defining OAE II termination. Using the new isotope curve and time scale, estimates of OAE II duration can be determined and exported to other sites based on integration of well-established chemostratigraphic and biostratigraphic datums. The new data will allow more accurate calculations of biogeochemical and paleobiologic rates across the CTB.

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