First paleoseismological constraints on the strongest earthquake in France (Provence) in the twentieth century.

Dominique Chardon, Daniel Hermitte, Frédéric Nguyen, and Olivier Bellier.

Geology, v. 33, no. 11 p. 901–904 (November 2005)

A footnote was left off of Table 1. The corrected table is: 01

Age and effects of the Odessa meteorite impact, western Texas, USA.

Vance T. Holliday, David A. Kring, James H. Mayer, and Ronald J. Goble.

Geology, v. 33, no. 12 p. 945–948(December 2005)

In the section IMPACT AND POSTIMPACT ENVIRONMENTS, the word “tons” was left out of the manuscript, when describing a meteoroid fragment....

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