How do spiral troughs form on Mars?: Correction. Jon D. Pelletier Geology, v. 32, p. 365–367 (April 2004)

Several errors appear in the text of this article. They are:

Equation 1 should read  
The cross product should be a dot product everywhere it appears (equations 5 and 7 and in the text). For example, equation 5 should read  
\[{\nabla}\mathit{h}\ {\cdot}\ \mathit{{\hat{r}}}{\geq}\ 0\]
instead of  
\[{\nabla}\mathit{h}\ {\times}\ \mathit{{\hat{r}}}{\geq}\ 0\]

Two additional errors were made in the manuscript text. First, the Barkley (1991) approximation was applied to equation 4, not to equation 1 as stated. Second, the term melting was incorrectly...

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