The northern Burro Mountains in southwestern New Mexico reveal three distinct, intimately juxtaposed Mesoproterozoic magmatic suites in southern Laurentia. At 1633 Ma, the newly formed Mazatzal crust was intruded by tholeiitic diabase with a depleted-mantle–type Nd isotope composition but with enriched incompatible trace element abundances. A potassic granite-minette suite was emplaced ca. 1460 Ma, and a tholeiitic A-type granite-anorthosite suite intruded ca. 1225–1220 Ma. The diabase-minette-anorthosite sequence and the associated silicic rocks record dominantly juvenile additions to the cratonic margin and imply subcontinental enrichment events ca. 1650 Ma (accretion), prior to 1460 Ma (potassic metasomatism), and ca. 1220 Ma (magmatic underplating). The latter two may have been controlled by a major transcurrent structure along the south margin of Laurentia.

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