The ostracode response to oceanographic changes during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM, ca. 55 Ma) is largely unknown. The Gebel Duwi section (Egypt) provides a detailed ostracode record across the PETM in a middle neritic setting. Quantitative analysis of this record reveals two significant results. (1) The PETM is marked by a sharp faunal turnover, as indicated by abundance changes, local extinctions, and immigrations. This turnover punctuated a gradual basin-wide faunal transition. (2) During the ∼60 k.y. period prior to the PETM, relative sea level fell rapidly by ∼15 m. This sea-level fall was followed by an ∼20 m sea-level rise during the PETM. A possible eustatic control on these fluctuations suggests the presence of a cryosphere and variations in its size during this time of global warmth.

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