Volcanic and sedimentary strata of the Late Cretaceous MacColl Ridge Formation were sampled and demagnetized to reevaluate the paleomagnetically derived paleolatitude of the allochthonous Wrangellia terrane. Characteristic directions from 15 sites representing ∼750 m of the MacColl Ridge Formation (80 Ma) reveal a reversed-polarity primary magnetization yielding a paleomagnetic pole at 126°E, 68°N, A95 = 9°. Comparison of this pole with the Late Cretaceous reference pole for North America indicates 15° ± 8° of latitudinal displacement (northward) and 33° ± 25° of counterclockwise rotation. In contrast to previously reported low paleolatitudes (32° ± 9°N) for the MacColl Ridge Formation, these new results place the Wrangellia terrane at a moderate paleolatitude (53° ± 8°N) in the Late Cretaceous.

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