The common spatial relationship in convergent orogenic belts between a crustal-scale shear-zone system, high-grade metamorphic rocks, and granites suggests a feedback relation between crustal anatexis and contractional deformation that helps granite extraction and focuses granite ascent. Such a feedback relation has been proposed for ascent of Early Devonian granites in west-central Maine. This interpretation requires that deformation, metamorphism, and plutonism were synchronous. We have determined precise U-Pb zircon and monazite ages that we interpret to record time of crystallization of syntectonic granite in metric to decametric sheets and kilometric plutons, and of schlieric granite within migmatites. Ages are in the range ca. 408–404 Ma, within 1 m.y. at 95% confidence limits. These ages are similar to extant U-Pb monazite ages of ca. 405–399 ± 2 Ma for syntectonic regional metamorphism in the same area. The coincidence between the age of peak metamorphism and crystallization ages of granite shows tectonics, metamorphism, and magmatism were contemporaneous, in support of the feedback model.

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