Linking phosphogenic episodes on the southeast U.S. margin to marine δ13C and δ18O records: Correction

Geology, v. 25, p. 103–106 (February 1997)

Phosphorite ages shown in Figure 1 that were calculated using the Oslick et al. (1994) regressions were miscalibrated to a standard (NIST-987) 87 Sr/86 Sr value of 0.710235. The appropriate standard value is 0.710255. Recalibration of the phosphorite Sr-ratios makes the ages agree better when calculated by both methods (Oslick et al., 1994; Hodell et al., 1991). See Figure 1 below.


Hodell, D. A., Mueller, P. A., and Garrido, J. R., 1991, Variations in the strontium isotopic composition of seawater during the Neogene: Geology, v. 19, p. 24–27.

Oslick, J. S., Miller, K. G., Feigenson, M. D., and Wright, J. D., 1994, Oligocene-Miocene strontium isotopes: Stratigraphic revisions and correlation to an inferred glacioeustatic record: Paleoceanography, v. 9, p. 427–444.

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