The timing of rifting and subduction in the Meliata, Vardar, and Pindos zones of the Hellenic-Dinaric-Carpathian region indicates that they cannot be considered remnants of a single ocean basin, in contrast to several recently published Mesozoic paleogeographies. Sea-floor spreading in the Meliata zone culminated in Middle Triassic (Ladinian) time and ceased in the Late Triassic, and subduction occurred from this time until Late Jurassic closure. In contrast, sea-floor spreading in the Vardar zone began in Early Jurassic time and culminated in the Middle Jurassic, and subduction occurred from latest Jurassic time. In the Pindos zone, sea-floor spreading was initiated in the Early Triassic, with Late Jurassic and early Tertiary subduction.

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