Fallout of volcanic ash to the deep South China Sea induced by the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo (Philippines): Correction

Geology, v. 23, p. 885–888 (October 1995)

On p. 885, the last sentence of the Introduction should be:

Here we report the first in situ record of a submarine fallout of volcanic ash following one of the largest magnitude subaerial eruptions of this century, the June 15, 1991, paroxysmal explosion of Mount Pinatubo (lat 15.148, long 120.358) in the Philippines.

The first sentence under the head SUBMARINE FALLOUT MONITORING AND COMPOSITION should be:

Fallout of Pinatubo tephra was recorded by fully automated collection devices (sediment traps) moored in 1190 and 3730 m water depth at 14.608N, 115.108E (Fig. 1).

On p. 886, center column, the second sentence under the head LINKS TO SUBAERIAL ASH-PLUME MOVEMENT should be:

Ash was ejected to a maximum altitude of 35–40 km, and at about14:20 the cloud spread out laterally into a giant umbrella region between 25 and 30 km altitude.

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