Well-preserved underplating structure of the jadeitized Franciscan complex, Pacheco Pass, California: Correction

Geology, v. 24, p. 75–78 (January 1996)

Longitude lines were incorrectly identified on the map in Figure 2 of our article. This figure is reprinted below with the corrected longitude coordinates. We are indebted to M. C. Erskine for bringing this to our attention.  


Alternate interpretation of the Messinian salinity crisis: Controversy resolved?: Correction

Geology, v. 24, p. 363–366 (April 1996)

On p. 364, the first sentence of the second paragraph under the heading THE SALINITY CRISIS: FROM ABYSSAL PLAINS TO MARGINS should be:

Peripheral basins have evaporites that are estimated to be in the earliest Pliocene (Fig. 2A) 2000 to 3000 m above the deep-basin evaporites (modern difference in elevation, 4000 to 5000 m); surprisingly, these two kinds of evaporites have been considered as similar and coeval (Nesterhoff, 1973; Ryan, 1973).

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