U/Pb and Ar/Ar isotopic age data from the Corner Brook Lake region of the eastern Appalachian Humber zone in western Newfoundland indicate that regional deformation and peak amphibolite-facies metamorphism are Early Silurian. A lower limit on deformation is provided by a U/Pb zircon age of 434 +2/-3 Ma for a pegmatite that is affected by the regional foliation and is interpreted to be syntectonic. Monazite and rutile from a garnet-kyanite-staurolite schist, which records peak-metamorphic conditions and in which porphyroblasts have overgrown the regional foliation, gave U/Pb ages of 430 ±2 Ma and 437 ±6 Ma, respectively. Ar/Ar cooling ages for hornblende from amphibolites and muscovite from psammitic and pelitic schists range from 430 to 420 Ma. A Silurian age for deformation and metamorphism of the Laurentian margin is coincident with the timing of similar events along the Newfound-land Gondwana margin and suggests that the Silurian was a period of major continent-continent collision.

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