In the southwestern Grenville province, the parautochthonous Britt domain includes a variety of pre-Grenvillian metamorphic and plutonic rocks that were reworked at upper amphibolite facies during the Grenvillian orogeny. Near Pointe-au-Baril, Ontario, a crustal block containing pre-Grenvillian granulite facies mineral assemblages and pre-Grenvillian to early Grenvillian tectonic fabrics has been identified. The block is bounded on the northwest and southeast by extensional shear zones that may have isolated it from regional late Gren- villian deformation. Multiequilibria pressure-temperature (P-T) calculations for orthopyroxene-bearing mafic rocks suggest conditions of 625-700 °C and 7.2-8.4 kbar for the pre-Grenvillian metamorphism. The granulite facies assemblages were locally overprinted during higher pressure Grenvillian metamorphism, which peaked at 720-775 °C and 10.8-11.5 kbar. U-Pb zircon data from migmatitic, mafic supracrustal gneiss indicate metamorphism and leucosome development at ca. 1450-1430 Ma, in agreement with other pre-Grenvillian metamorphic ages for the Central gneiss belt and Grenville Front tectonic zone. An expanding data base on pre-Grenvillian events in the southwestern Grenville province indicates that high-grade metamorphism at ca. 1450-1430 Ma affected a large region of crust and was coeval with widespread felsic to intermediate plutonism.

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