Trace element abundances and zoning were measured in minerals from a metasomatized garnet-amphibolite block from the Catalina Schist, using both ion and proton microprobes. Zoisite strongly concentrates light rare earth elements (REEs), Sr, Y, and Pb; amphibole concentrates Ni and Zn; garnet concentrates Y and heavy REEs; and titanite concentrates Nb. Major and trace elements in the garnets are zoned. Garnets in the core of the block display an overgrowth enriched in Mn, Y, and heavy REE, on a Y- and heavy-REE-poor core. Zirconium values remain relatively constant. The element enrichments in the garnet overgrowth suggest mobility of REEs at either a hand-sample or regional scale at subduction-zone pressure-temperature conditions. Metamorphic fluids may selectively transport heavy REEs relative to some high field strength elements in some convergent-margin settings. The distribution of Sr and Pb within subduction zones may reflect the dehydration and melting behavior of epidote-group minerals.

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