Late Quaternary deposits in Arikaree Cirque are re-examined, using eight relative age dating methods including lichenometry. If snowkill of lichens is unrecognized, an erroneously young age may be assigned to Neoglacial deposits if only lichenometric methods are employed. The data were entered into two clustering programs, which were used to group sample sites according to age. The results of this study differ from those of Benedict (1968) in two ways: (1) no deposits of unequivocal Audubon age are believed to exist in Arikaree Cirque—those deposits previously thought to be Audubon age have an Audubon lichen cover because of snowkill of the original lichen cover sometime after deposition; and (2) deposits originally mapped as Temple Lake are thought to include both pre-altithermal (Pinedale) and post-altithermal (early Neoglacial) deposits.

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