The mid-Permian red beds of the upper Pictou Group retain a primary remanence in hematite that has been isolated by thermal step demagnetization above 600 °C. Conglomerate, contact, and reversals tests show that the remanence is primary. The pole position of let 42.1°N, long 125.5°E (dp = 1.8°, dm = 3.6°) falls on current apparent polar wander paths at older ages than expected. There is also a significant difference between Early Permian poles from the northeastern United States-Canada and the southwestern United States. The results suggest that postdepositional Permian-Triassic remagnetization may have affected some units in the southwestern United States or that there has been about 9° of relative tectonic rotation between the two regions caused by the Laramide orogeny.

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