We present evidence that the principal sources for Early Cretaceous (Berriasian-Valanginian) gravity-flow deposits of the northern Hatteras Basin were three large shelf-edge deltas located along the outer margin of the Baltimore Canyon Trough, ∼ 100 km southeast of Cape Charles, Virginia, Ocean City, Maryland, and Long Branch, New Jersey. Sedimentary detritus from the central Appalachian highlands and the Maryland-Virginia coastal plain was transported across the Early Cretaceous continental shelf to form the Cape Charles and Ocean City deltas, whereas deposits of the Long Branch delta came chiefly from the Adirondack and New England highlands. Each delta supplied sediment gravity flows to large slope aprons and submarine-fan complexes on the Early Cretaceous continental slope and rise. The most conspicuous distributary of sediment on the Early Cretaceous continental rise extends 500 km basinward from the Ocean City delta, where its distal deposits were cored at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 603.

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