Early Devonian geothermal activity is recognized in northeast Scotland by the remnants of silica sinter, a hot-spring manganese deposit, an area of steam alteration, and hydrothermal eruption breccias. At least five systems were active at this time, three of which are located on or near the intersection of major faults and lineaments. Two deposits can be dated as Early Devonian, whereas others show a spatial relation to 408 Ma Caledonian granitoids—the proposed heat sources for the geothermal systems. Fault zones active at this time provided channel ways for fluids in the convecting systems. The shallow sections of these systems have been preserved in the Arndilly, Dalroy, Lecht, and Rhynie areas, which is encouraging for gold prospecting. Six targets for epithermal gold exploration are identified- the four areas named above and two areas at the intersection of major faults and lineaments.

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