The successive Seboomook-Littleton (northern Appalachians) and Catskill-Pocono (central Appalachians) clastic wedges suggest oblique convergence and southwestward migration of Acadian orogeny beginning in Early Devonian and continuing into Early Mississippian. Wrench-fault movement in Maritime Canada coincided with deposition of all but the earliest components of the Catskill-Pocono clastic wedge and continued into the Pennsylvanian. Contrasts between a thin, Lower to Middle Devonian shallow-shelf facies in the Alabama Appalachian fold-thrust belt and a time-equivalent, thick, shallowing-upward sedimentary to volcanic succession in the adjacent Talladega slate belt are interpreted to reflect a wrench-fault basin. A wrench-fault setting for Devonian rocks in Alabama integrated with manifestations of oblique convergence during the Acadian orogeny in the central and northern Appalachians can be accommodated in dextral transpression along the entire length of the Acadian Appalachian orogen.

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