We report Pb isotope ratios of sulfides deposited at seven recently active mid-ocean ridge (MOR) hydrothermal vents. Sulfides from three sediment-starved sites on the Juan de Fuca Ridge contain Pb with isotope ratios identical to their local basaltic sources. Lead in two deposits from the sediment-covered Escanaba Trough, Gorda Ridge, is derived from the sediments and does not appear to contain any basaltic component. There is a range of isotope ratios in a Guaymas Basin deposit, consistent with a mixture of sediment and MOR basalt Pb. Lead in a Galapagos deposit differs slightly from known Galapagos basalt Pb isotope values. The faithful record of Pb isotope signatures of local sources in MOR sulfides indicates that isotope ratios from ancient analogues can be used as accurate reflections of ancient oceanic crustal values in ophiolite-hosted deposits and continental crustal averages in sediment-hosted deposits. The preservation of primary ophiolitic or continental crustal Pb isotope signatures in ancient MOR sulfides provides a powerful tool for investigation of crustal evolution and for "fingerprinting" ancient terranes.

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