Great Slave Lake shear zone (GSLsz) is a northeast-trending dextral mylonite zone across which the coeval north-trending Thelon and Taltson magmatic zones on the west margin of the Churchill province are offset 300–700 km. It is proposed that the GSLsz is a continental transform structure related to oblique collisional indentation of the active margin of the Churchill province by the microcontinental Slave province. This accounts for geologic and geophysical differences between the Thelon and Taltson zones and explains the localization of a Tibetan-type (Queen Maud) uplift north of the GSLsz and the abrupt loss of slip on the GSLsz east of the uplift. It also provides a new model for the “Athapuscow aulacogen,” analogous to the modern Bay of Bengal–Indo-Burman Ranges–Sagaing transform–Andaman Sea situation.

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