Late Devonian?–early Carboniferous to Permian conodonts from the Antler Formation of Slide Mountain Group near Barkerville, British Columbia, were extracted from 23 of 28 chert samples collected from a nearly continuous section on Sliding Mountain. The conodonts delineate three, possibly four, thrust sheets within the section. From bottom to top the ages recorded in the sheets consist of (I) Early Permian, (II) Pennsylvanian to Early Permian, (III) Early Mississippian to Early Permian, and (IV) Late Devonian? or Early Mississippian. In sheet III, 100 m.y. of chert and basalt stratigraphy, the entire known age span of the Antler Formation, is recorded in less than 300 m. Prior to thrust imbrication the Antler Formation must have been very thin and possibly covered a large area. Within individual thrust sheets, the stratigraphic features and their continuity are preserved.

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