Primitive lavas from the Troodos ophiolite have a large variation in initial 143Nd/144Nd ratios; from ϵNd = + 7.9 to 0.8, which precludes a mid-ocean ridge origin. Initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios vary from 0.70415 to 0.70705. The range of ϵNd values may be accounted for by a two-component mixing model whereby variable amounts of a light rare-earth-element (REE)-enriched component with ϵNd between −5 and −7 has interacted with a depleted Iherzolite source with ϵNd ≥ +8. This is consistent with an arc-related setting where fluids derived from a subducting slab induce further melting in an overlying Iherzolite source.

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