A geophysical investigation was conducted over Kingston Wash in eastern California to determine if the Garlock fault extends east of the Death Valley fault zone beneath the wash as had been proposed by Davis and Burchfiel. The geophysical data reveal magnetic and gravity lineaments that trend northwest (N80°W) across the wash. Geologic data from adjacent outcrops suggest that the geophysical lineament represents a left-lateral strike-slip fault. The lineament is thus interpreted to be a part of the Garlock fault which extends 25 to 30 km eastward from the Death Valley fault. The eastern extension passes south of the southern Salt Spring Hills and north of the Silurian Hills. The length of the proposed Garlock fault beyond the Death Valley fault requires recalculation of the amount of extension in the Basin-Range terrain of southern Death Valley. In light of the additional length, extension on the order of 100% is implied for the region.

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