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Detailed petrography, microstructure, and geochemistry of garnet pyroxenite xenoliths in Holocene basanite tuffs from maars at Lakes Bullenmerri and Gnotuk (western Victoria, southeastern Australia) have been used to track their igneous and metamorphic history, enabling the reconstruction of the thermal-tectonic evolution of the lithospheric mantle. The exsolution of orthopyroxene and garnet and rare spinel, plagioclase, and ilmenite from complex clinopyroxene megacrysts suggests that the xenoliths originally were clinopyroxene-dominant cumulates associated with minor garnet, orthopyroxene, or spinel. The compositions of exsolved phases and their host clinopyroxene were reintegrated using measured modal proportions to show that the primary clinopyroxene was enriched...

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