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This paper describes a radiolarian fauna obtained from a small limestone sample which came from the top of a series of shales from near Tesla, California, and is probably older than Moreno.

The fauna may be referred to as a Saturnalis or Dictyomitra fauna, so called from the prominence of these and related genera. No recent or Tertiary species have been recognized in this fauna; all but two species are new. There are two new genera among the Spumellaria, and one of the Nassellaria. This is the most extensive Cretaceous radiolarian fauna recorded from North America.

The presence of a number of large species of coarse texture, of many-jointed and basally fenestrated Nassellaria, the lack of delicately apophysate types, and the association of generally similar species in the Alpine Jurassic with ciliates (Parafavella spp.) suggest the possibility that this was a cool-water fauna, in sharp contrast with the upper Eocene tropical faunas of Middle California recently described by us.

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