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The Siberian craton was affected by flood basalt volcanism at least twice during the Devonian (Yakutsk-Vilyui province) and Permian–Triassic (Siberian province) periods. In both cases volcanism appeared as brief pulses of flood basalt eruptions, followed by kimberlitic (and lamproitic) emplacement. Pressure estimations for the kimberlite-entrained mantle xenoliths reflect that the lithosphere was 190–230 km thick at the time of the Devonian flood basalt volcanism. Differently from Devonian kimberlites, the majority of Triassic kimberlites are diamond free, but at least one Triassic kimberlite pipe and some lamproites are diamondiferous, suggesting that the Siberian lithosphere remained thick during the Permian–Triassic flood basalt...

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