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The earliest events in the geological history of the Early Precambrian crust of the East European craton (3.5–2.93 Ga) resulted in the emergence of spatially separate and genetically independent areas of continental crust (continental embryos), the dimensions of which rarely exceeded a few hundred kilometers across.

The period between 3.05 Ga and ca. 2.75 Ga was a time of mainly plate-tectonic development: origin, evolution, and accretion of ancient island-arc systems, and collision of microcontinents. The Vedlozero-Segozero and Sumozero-Kenozero systems of greenstone belts, Tipasjärvi-Kuhmo-Suomussalmi and Central Belomorian greenstone belts in Karelia, and the Kolmozero-Voronya greenstone belt in the Kola Peninsula are...

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